Racking Off

Once a bucket of apple juice has been bubbling away like crazy for a couple of days (seeĀ fermentation) all activity seems to stop. This is the time to transfer your brew from the bucket to a couple of demijohns so that the slower second phase of fermentation can work its magic.

You don’t have to use demijohns, but you do need to have an airtight container with a one way airlock. I have seen people suffice with buckets, plastic sheeting and airlocks made from drinking straws and kids balloons… my advice is to get a demijohn and an airlock and stop being so bloody stupid.

Sterilise both the demijohn and airlock AND the siphon tube. This is simply a length of flexible tube. You place the bucket on a raised surface and put one end of the siphon in it. Suck the other end to draw cider through the siphon and then place the end you just sucked on into the demijohn. as long as that end is lower than the one in the bucket, your cider will start to flow down it into the demijohn.


racking off