How to make Perry

Perry is an alcoholic drink made from pear juice. Usually sweeter and more rounded in flavour than its close cousin cider, Perry has recently undergone a miraculous turnaround in popularity and is once more being lauded for the great tasting, refreshing brew that it is.

The instructions for turning pears into perry are almost identical to those for turning apples into cider.


  1. Get some pears
  2. Press your pears
  3. Put the pear juice in a container
  4. Add wine makers (champagne) yeast
  5. Let it ferment for a month or so
  6. Put the perry in clean bottles
  7. Wait for a couple of months
  8. Drink the perry

If you follow these instructions you will produce perry, but probably not very nice perry.

To get a really good tasting perry you really do need to be a bit more methodical as you move step-by-step through the perry brewing process.

To make good quality hard perry you will need more detailed instructions. Follow any cider making instructions, replacing the apples with the same weight or volume of pears.

but don’t worry too much about chopping up the pears, since when they are ripe you can squash the juice from pears far more easily than from apples.