First cider of the year

Today (early September 2016) ¬†we went blackberry picking with friends and their kids. After half an hours wandering the local hedgerows we came across a large self seeded apple tree that was dripping with several hundredweight of fruits. We took a bite and found them sweet and delicious and in that moment decided that this … [Read more…]

The best temperature for fermenting

Andy F. has sent us the following email about fermentation temperatures: “I want to make my own cider from scratch this year. I intend to use a sectioned off part of a timber workshop which is well insulated. I was thinking off standing the fermentation bin on a heated mat that winemakers stand their demijohns … [Read more…]

Cider from Shop Bought Apples

Can you make cider from shop bought apples? Quite simply, yes you can. However the cost of a big bucket of apples, which equates to a gallon of cider if you are lucky can be prohibitive. But if you are lucky enough to find the supermarket our your local greengrocer selling off old apples for … [Read more…]

Fermented or simply gone off!

From: Lorraine Subject: First stage juicing prior to adding yeast Message Body: Hi I’m a complete beginner to this, so please forgive any obvious errors! I’ve had my apples sitting in a 23 litre bucket for about 3 weeks now (with a few lemons) waiting for my larger 27 litre bucket to arrive so that … [Read more…]

Bottling non-alcoholic Apple juice

Squeeze apples and the juice comes out. The instructions for that part of the process are clear enough. 2.5 kilos of apples should give a litre of juice. But what do you do if you want to stop there and bottle the fresh juice rather than turn it into alcoholic cider? Well here’s how.  Firstly … [Read more…]

No bubbles

Got an email from ANDY MACAULEY who says: there does not appear to be any gas leaving the cider bucket (sealed with a bubble glass filter). What have I done wrong and how can I start the fermenting process or is it too late? the apple juice has been ‘brewing’ for about 2 weeks. Well … [Read more…]

When to bottle cider

From: Linden Subject: when to bottle cider Message Body: I have made cider and followed everything. The airlock has been plopping away but has stopped it now it has been doing this for a week, what do I do now —– Hi Linden If your secondary fermentation has indeed stopped and there have been no … [Read more…]

Using alternative tools for Pulping Apples

From: Lynn Hadley Subject: Pulping the Apples Message Body: Can you use a magi mix to chop up the apples before you put them in the press —— Hi Lynn My very first foray into juicing apples was with a magi mix and it does work. The problem though is that it is just so … [Read more…]

Cloudy or clear cider

From: Jim Proctor Subject: Clarity of my cider Message Body: After 4 days of stage 1 fermentation, I have a hydrometer reading of 1.040 SG. I believe that I am ready to do my first racking. I am trying to achieve a nice clear cider. Please explain what I will be observing after the cider … [Read more…]