So I have been going around for years saying that there is no such thing as Pear Cider. It turns out that I was completely wrong. I falsely believed the term was just a marketing gimmick to rename Perry and boost sales on the back of the Cider sales resurgence of the last few years.

But at the Berkshire county show yesterday I came across a supplier who sell both Perry and Pear Cider; two separate distinct drinks.

I asked what was going on an a lovely lady explained in much the same way a patient primary teacher explains things to the dim child who sits at the back picking their nose all day.

The difference is that Perry is made from 100% fermented Pear juice, whereas Pear Cider is mad from apples and is flavoured with Pear (just like they also sell elderflower Cider or blackberry Cider).

Well duh! Now I spend a moments though it seems blindingly obvious, so I hereby apologise for ever claiming that Pear Cider doesn’t exist.

As just punishment is required I bought two bottles of the stuff (at £3.00 a pop) and will drink them in a suitably contrite manner.

Update – Having drunk both bottles I am none the wiser.