Can you make cider from shop bought apples?

Quite simply, yes you can. However the cost of a big bucket of apples, which equates to a gallon of cider if you are lucky can be prohibitive. But if you are lucky enough to find the supermarket our your local greengrocer selling off old apples for a few pence a pound, snap them up and make some cider.

Getting Balanced Flavours

If you are new to cider making then perhaps it is best to try to mix a few different apple varieties up to balance the cider. If you only buy one apple variety you may find it too sweet or too sharp to turn into a decent drink.

If the apples are discounted anytime other than the autumn season then you wont be able to balance tannins with a handful of crab apples from the garden, but luckily there are alternatives you can use instead. Good old Tea is a great source of the bitter tannin taste that a good cider needs a bit of. Less than a third of a teabag per gallon is all you need to add that extra flavour.

A better way to spend you cash

But ultimately rather than spend your cash on apples, spend it instead on a small apple tree. Then you can pop it into the garden, grow your own and enjoy a lifetime of free apples.