From: Lynn Hadley
Subject: Pulping the Apples

Message Body:
Can you use a magi mix to chop up the apples before you put them in the press


Hi Lynn

My very first foray into juicing apples was with a magi mix and it does work. The problem though is that it is just so slow. To chop enough apples for a gallon of cider will take from here to Christmas, and your kitchen will be a mess. Oh, and you will probably burn out the magi mix motor too.

A cheap and effective alternative is to buy a pulp master for around £15 ($20) . This is a lidded bucket with a blade built in to the lid. You attach a drill and can pulp an entire bucketful of apples in less than 20 seconds flat. You can do it outdoors and not concern yourself with ruining you kitchen gadgets. Let a pulp master be your first investment.

Best of luck