if around mid summers day you find that your Apple tree is dropping lots of small apples don’t panic. This is known as June drop and is a perfectly natural phenomena. If the tree kept all of those tiny Apple fruitlets  on the branches then the tree will produce hundreds of tiny apples. Which would be very difficult to get a decent juice pressing from. Whereas if it drops those apples and just produces a small we number of fruits then these will be of a larger size and better for making cider from.

Other benefits of the June drop all that it may lessen the chance of Brown Rot and other pests and diseases forming on your Apple Crop. It also lessons the chance of branches breaking through over cropping.

In fact, if you don’t notice a June drop but the Appletree has set lots more little fruitlets than usual, consider removing some  by hand to prevent the problems that June drop resolves.

So in short if you see lots of tiny apples falling from the tree around June time there is nothing to worry about. The one thing I would say is clean those apples away don’t leave them lying on the ground to rot. However  they are good food for the wildlife in your garden so simply put them into a small pile somewhere in a corner and forget about them.