Tony Privitera emailed to ask:

Does apple scab (or powdery mildew) affect cider (reg or hard)? Is there an extra step I should do or is it ok to consume? Thank you.

Well now Tony,  the fungus that causes Apple scab is not necessarily too bad if it is is only a mild attack. The flavour of the apples is hardly affected, if at all. However, if the scab fungus causes the apples to crack their skins then other nasties could get inside and rot the fruits. So check as you pulp and discard rotten apples but go ahead and use scab apples if they are still ok inside.

Once the apples are juiced, the fungus is no longer a problem.

Remember that Apple scab will overwinter on fallen leaves and in the soil, so be sure to collect leaves and incinerate rather than chucking them on your compost heap.